Full Sail Hall of Fame

Ashish Manchanda is one of Full Sail University’s 7th Annual Hall of Fame Inductee.

Each year, Full Sail honors past and present inductees by hosting a week-long celebration in and around its Winter Park campus. The event features panels presented by industry leaders and alumni, workshops, meet and greet sessions, and other educational opportunities for students. Six new graduates are chosen for the Hall of Fame each year. This honor serves as a tribute to the creative inspiration, technical brilliance, and determination of each inductee, their unyielding dedication to more than a decade of excellence in their professional career, and their heartfelt commitment to the students, faculty, staff, and graduates of Full Sail University.

Hundreds of candidates are considered for selection, and the individuals chosen for a given year’s class are confirmed by a Full Sail committee of faculty, administrators, and past Hall of Fame inductees.

The inductees’ career accomplishments are highlighted at the on-campus Hall of Fame exhibit, which features a 60-foot mixed-media wall that includes video, sound, pictures, and credits of chosen graduates, as well as artifacts and memorabilia from their work in the industry.



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“At some point in your life, you need a mentor.” – ‪#‎FullSailHOF‬ Inductee, Ashish Manchanda

Hall of Famers : Favorite Superheroes?

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