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Aman Moroney

Aman is a Producer/Songwriter/Engineer with Flying Carpet Productions, India. A multi-instrumentalist and the head faculty at The Media Tribe – Institute of Sound Engineering & Music Production, Mumbai – he has won “Music Producer of the Year” at “Indian Recording Arts Academy Awards – 2017”


Calvin D’silva, better known by his stage name – CΛLVIN CΛVEꝚN’s ability to create potential bangers has attracted attention from the electronic music scene in India. Commencing his journey of music by playing keys since the tender age of 4, the drums since age 13, and producing his first original at 15, he embarks on a riveting adventure of a lifetime.

Vibhas Sawar aka MISTAVIRUS

MISTAVIRUS has performed over 1000 shows and produced over 100 albums with popular artists and record labels. Popular Music being his main act, he keeps his grooves solid with high energy vocal performance making his audience dance at all times. 
A multi-instrumentalist, he’s now working on his album which combines sounds from all over the country with modern electronic sounds. When not doing music. you will find him behind the camera.

Sayantika Ghosh

Sayantika is a singer-songwriter and producer from Kolkata, India. Her music explores the genre of ambient pop, giving the listener a cinematic experience through a combination of epic soundscapes and dreamy songs.

Illusion Point

Illusion Point, is an Indian electronic music producer and DJ with Flying Carpet Productions. IP debuted in 2014 with the track “What’s My Religion” featuring Hip-Hop artist “Drek” from Congo, Africa

Donna Charlie

Donna Charlie, a Singer-Songwriter, is an Artist with a story. Her songwriting reflects well-knit storytelling through pop music, based on real life incidences. Donna’s teenage life is the centric theme in most of her music. Connecting herself to her roots, she takes to pop melody with a fresh approach.


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