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Totem Pole Conference 2017-09-26 v1.1

Totem Pole conference is defining the landscape of The Music and Entertainment industry. Featuring Multi Grammy winning producers and mixing engineers who have worked with artists like, The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, Eagles, Pharrell Williams, etc

The conference consists of 3 panels and 2 workshops.

1. Secret Behind the Hits – A panel of audio engineers and mixers talking about their process and secrets behind their successful songs
2. Ashish and Allen in conversation – Ashish and Allen talking about the business side of the industry including topics such as music publishing, copyrights, contracts, etc
3. Life as a Global Independent Artist – Sharing stories of independent artists around the globe.

Workshops: Breakdown of the Hits
Our international artists breaking down their process of how they work on a song.

1. Josh Gudwin
2. DJ Swivel

Student pricing: INR 1500
General pricing: INR 3000

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