We offer the full package of high quality audio production.

From music composition, recording and production to sound design, voice over production, mixing and mastering.

We can also function as experts in the field of sound and music in the conceptualization phase of your project.

We Offer


Recording from scratch or adding instruments (incl. vocals) into existing recordings

mixing & Mastering

We mix or remix songs in almost any style and format. W

Music Production & Composition

From singles to  full album production, from composing to arranging, finding the right musicians for recording and overdubbing, from mixing to mastering, from budget planning to finishing

Sound Desing & Production

Our services in sound design reach from foley to sound design. We record and create our own sounds to make every project sound unique. We are specialized in audio post-production, but booming services on set are also an option.

Music Publishing & Show Direction

We provides highly personalized rights management, royalty collection and creative marketing services, reimagining the role of a traditional music publisher.

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