Sky Rabbit – Sky Rabbit

“Medusa (Sky Rabbit) struck me as being true and their music is contemporary and in some ways reflects what’s happening in the UK. I chose them for their attitude as well as their honesty…. they are living for their music and are honest to what they are doing.”
– John Leckie, Music Producer

“This solid debut, which defies categorisation, should be celebrated because not everything needs to fit into labels created by critics. Also, Anti-Coke Ganpati has great earworm potential.”
– Lindsay Pereira, Mid-Day

“The musical aesthetic they’ve nailed down features fluid melodies powered by a post-punk, Kid A-era Radiohead-channeling dense guitar-samples.”
– Arjun S. Ravi,

“Clearly one of the Indian bands to look out for in the indie electro-rock space. Great sound, crisp vocals and smart use of guitars and samples.”
– Narendra Kusnur, Music Columnist

“Totally original and totally fun. Here’s a band who’s not afraid to be not understood.”
– Heena Kriplani, Gibson Guitars

“A lot of Sky Rabbit’s music plays like, for lack of a better comparison, modern art… you’re free to interpret it as you feel.”
– Amit Gurbaxani, MumbaiBoss

“The layered musical progression is made enticing by mystical lyrics and a playfulness that gently pushes the group’s repertoire.”
– Mathures Paul, The Statesman

“Sky Rabbit’s music is one frenetic, cardiac-juddering loop. Think sub-tropical Arctic Monkeys.”
– Indrajit Hazra, Hindustan Times

“Leaving the past behind.. Sky rabbit soar into a sonic dimension of their own, making for you to revel and soak in.”
– Luke Kenny, Actor/ Music Personality

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